Zainab Sule at the Fight Inequality Alliance Gathering in Johannesburg

On the 4th-7th of December, I had the awesome privilege of attending the Fight Inequality alliance in Rustlers Valley, some four hours away from Johannesburg organized by some iNGOs. The aim of this meeting was to see how they could get ‘influencers’ in their various fields to use the power they have to fight inequality on all levels. It was a gathering of really amazing minds. People like Maiko Zulu and Sister D, Musicians from Zambia were present, Odelia Koroma – A student activist and musician from Sierra Leone, as well as Opal, the Nigerian-born American co-founder of Black Lives Matter, as well as so many other leaders in their own right. And then there was yours truly.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together existing members, those involved in convening national alliances, existing networks, new organizations, artists/musicians, (where I come in.. 😀 ) and social movement leaders who can provide challenge and support to our collective thinking.

It was an intense meeting of deliberations, and my mind was opened to stuff as I hadn’t seen them that way before. I leave the alliance a better individual – more socially conscious, with a new aim to reach the masses with the songs I sing.

Some pictures below.


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