10 Zainab Sule Songs You’d Love.

This is an update to our post on 5 Zainab Sule songs you’d love. Let’s bring all the fan favorites here shall we?


What makes Bets On Me different is the sound. This song truly embodies Zainab’s genre and makes you understand what the song, the singer and the message is about. You’ll love it!

2. I’ll Make You Dance 

For some reason, this song is still an all time fan favorite and honestly we don’t blame them. The song, the lyrics, everything works for I’ll Make You Dance.

3. I Believe in Love

I Believe in Love is gooooood! The acting, the storyline, the overall vibe is heartwarming and extremely cool.

4. Toxic Religion

Toxic Religion comes with mixed feelings, and is another song that sounds ‘different’ from the usual Zainab Sule songs we know, but the message is dope and undeniable, and that is why it make it to this list.

5. Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below is the most watched of Zainab Sule songs, and just like I’ll Make You Dance, is an absolute all time favorite – we know this from iTunes reports! (Maybe it’s the title and our minds! Wink.)

6. Don’t Forget to Breathe

Don’t forget to Breathe wasn’t really promoted by Zainab, but she plays it a lot live, and is one of the songs in the Hypersonic album- to make our list.

7. Selfie

SELFIE has no official video but it doesn’t stop it from being one of Zainab’s strong collaborations. Available on her HYPERSONIC album, the song has a country feel to it and Frankie Walter’s silky voice does it immense justice.

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The reviews and absolute love that was shown when Zainab released YVONNE in late May of 2020 was quite overwhelming, we kid you not. The message, the lyrics, the vocals were really good for this one. Check it.


Have you heard SAKO? This song, released in 2020 is one that will get you dancing in no time, we mean it!

10. Uyheme

Uyheme means MINE in Zainab’s native tongue, Etsako (Edo State), and is one of the few language songs Zainab has done. The homey feel makes you smile.

There you have it! 10 Zainab Sule songs to love. What do you think? Anyone we missed?
Don’t forget to update your playlist here with new songs.


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