ROOM 309

Zainab Sule 2022 album, ROOM 309.

ROOM 309 is now available. Click any of the buttons to listen on your favourite platform.

ROOM 309 is Zainab Sule new album. It will be her 4th. It has 11 songs, collaborations you’d love, beautifully written lyrics, dreamy guitar solos and a whole lot of beautiful music.


Zainab worked with a number of producers to make this happen. Mynorkord (Benin), Oluwadrumma (Jos), IOF (Greece), were instrumental in this body of work. Ekeyz (Abuja) also added the feel in Cold Nights in Nairobi, which was written ironically while spending 3 days in Mombasa. She also worked with Kenyan guitarist, George Gachiri who shreds his soul out in Bad Alibi, while the notable Augsburg Habila did a bit of guitar magic on the title track with the same name.

Welcome to ROOM 309. Turn the lights down low.

Track Listing

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