About Zainab Sule

...One Day, I'll Make You Dance.

These are the words to Zainab’s famous single, “I’ll Make You Dance“, and this is what she says is her singular desire when she performs in front of her growing audience. Her music has roots in soft rock with a tinge of ‘naija’ and alternative music – and no wonder, she lists her influences as Pink, Michael Bolton, Prince, and Keith Urban.

Her captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences to a different sphere as she blends musicianship, creativity and strong lyrical prowess. – See Reviews

Zainab Sule is Nigerian, unique and has steadily paved her way as one of Nigeria’s most consistent alternative independent artists, having started performing at a very early age. Since 2012, Zainab has released 4 albums, the newest being Room 309 in 2022. 

When not running her tech brand, you’ll find Zainab Sule on tour around the world, and she has been blessed to play on stages in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and the USA.

She also hosts her themed show, Zainab Sule Live every year, which brings beautiful alternative acts together to play music. You should check it out.

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