Hey fam. So over the past few months we conducted a poll about their favorite Zainab Sule songs, and these were the top 5!

See updated 2021 list!

1. I’ll Make You Dance 

2. Fire Down Below

3. Don’t forget to Breathe

Haven’t shot a video for this yet, as it’s part of my latest album, Hypersonic – but we’re getting there! But here’s a live video for you to enjoy.

4. I Believe in Love

This one’s my personal favorite. We’re shooting this in a couple of weeks, God willing, and I honestly cannot wait! Here’s a lyric video to whet your appetite though!

5. Free to Love Ft The Leleyi Women

Last, but certainly not least is Free To Love. I think this song is one of the best things that have come out from our working with Action Aid Nigeria. See the story here. Too bad there’s no video YET – but here it is, on Soundcloud!

So there you have it! The Top 5 Zainab Sule songs voted by fans. Thank you for buying, and of course listening to my music!



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