Pictures from Fine Wine & Rock

Having a show post-covid was a challenge, but we made it work. When we were approached to have this event, I didn’t want to, because shows mean planning, and frankly I just wanted to lay low and rest. But when has being a musician ever been easy?

Fine wine and rock was a total blast and this couldn’t have been the case if not for the amazing people and artists – all 6 – EDaniels, Oiza & Meyi, Bash, Isomers, GT Da Guitarman who shared the stage with me.

Here are some pictures you’d love.

happyprince kicked it all off with thought provoking poetry..
more poetry by Omoara
EDaniels was electric.
The MC was the uber amazing Big Mo, of Wazobia FM
Our VIP section…
We had friends over from the French Institute…
The twin duo, Oiza and Meyi wowed the audience
Zainab captured the audience as well…
MC Ebenezer had the audience in stitches with clean comedy.
GT da guitarman was in his element. Fireworks!
Bash was very much in his element as the poet of the day..
The Isomers – Friends, Brothers, Family.
The Band
The Team
The Team 2
The NTAe Crew were on ground to cover the event

Click below for more awesome pictures:

At the end of the day, it was fun. It was good to have people again under one roof and just vibe to good music.

Fine Wine and Rock was awesome.

Let’s see again sometime soon.


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