New Music: Free To Love – Zainab Sule Ft. Women of Leleyi-Gwari

Free To Love – Zainab Sule


I’m really excited about this song, especially as we had been on it for over a year. The work Action Aid Nigeria does in these communities cannot be over emphasized. I’m glad I can lend my voice to this laudable project. 

Last year, (2016) I was privileged to work with ActionAid Nigeria on its Community Sponsorship Programme – an initiative that allows Nigerians to give N2000 regularly to support community development projects in poor communities across Nigeria. I was privileged to visit ActionAid’s work in Leleyi Gwari, a community near Kwali on the outskirts of Abuja.

The two-day trip immersed as well as allowed me a peep into the everyday life of people living in exclusion – imagine a life without water, electricity and health care, all year round, year in year out!

In spite of this deprivation Leleyi Gwari people especially the women and children who I interacted with were happy and carrying on as if to say ‘this is paradise’. The women became the voice calling for change when they joined me in performing the song Free to Love.

This song was recorded with the women of the community, a cry for support and love. Every time you play this song, you heed their cry. Help make them FREE TO LOVE.

A Community of a little over 2000 people with a very uncomfortable access road – but amazing resilience and dogged nature. They had no electricity, just 2 working boreholes, one School (with one class per level), a hospital, (that had no functioning drugs) and yet lived very full lives. I met a girl who was almost kidnapped but was saved last minute. And a woman who for lack of hospital amenities almost lost her baby cause she had to walk almost an hour to the nearest hospital.

At the end, we recorded a song – which we hope speaks to you.



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