Event: Acoustic Night, Jos this September!

Honestly, acoustic shows are a snoozefest. Boring. Uninspiring. One way trip to Yawnsville.

Think for a moment about how many times you have walked into an acoustic show and saw a singer/songwriter just standing there. Doing song after song. Nothing memorable. Nothing worth talking about. Background noise.

But this one is different.

Every performer lined up is a veteran in their own right, and we just want you to get lost for a few hours in a world we create with music so good you’ll want to scream in ecstasy. 

Join Zainab Sule, AP, Red Dimka, Neken, Marphy, Agbutun, Morgan Azi, Malvina, Gold Owen & Doug Kaze for the absolute beauty of music. Join us for an ACOUSTIC NIGHT, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Sept 2nd 2018. 3PM.
Mees palace Lounge, JOS.

Follow @zainabsule on Social Media to keep up with details for the event. Save the date!

The event is supported by The Future Entertainment, K8 Radio, Mees Palace and Joe Heman Blog.

Watch a recap of ZS Live in Jos last year below:


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